The Era of Watch Phones: What to Expect

October 14, 2022
By worldhide
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These days everyone has a smart phone. You will see smart phone owners constantly pulling the phones out of their pockets or purses to check for message alerts and calls. Well, although it might seem cool, it is a very tedious and hurried task often leaving one in a cranky moo. It’s also possible to miss important calls just because you couldn’t hear your phone ring. However, what if you could get alerts about your messages and calls on your wrist, in your watch and what if you could answer your calls just by speaking into your watch.

What was a simple wrist watch before has today become the watch phone, a technic wonder. A smart watch or a smart phone is a computerized wrist watch which does more than keeping time for you.

Now and then!

Ever since the craze for smart watches started, they have become more than just a geeky dream. The cartoon character Dick Tracy, from the 1940’s, had a two way wrist radio that is today seen as the forerunner of the modern smart watches. In the 1982 hit TV series Knight Riders, the lead character, Michael Knight always wore the two way communication wrist watch. If we want something more interesting, we have the James Bond films for reference as well. Indeed, wearing this watches give the user an exciting feeling.

Awesome features:

Watch phones are also called wearable computers because of its innumerable wide range of features. Companies have been trying to add new features to the good old watch phones almost every day. Today, you can get a smart watch in an affordable price range. Watch phones come in vibrant colors, are cool to look at and is an extremely handy touch screen gadget. Watch phones offer you all the features of a regular smart phone from the very basic one of making or answering a call to other advanced features like accessing Facebook and Twitter. There are also general smart phone features like emails, weather forecast and GPS tracking system.

The future:

Looking at the future, it might be possible soon that you can control home appliances as well through the watch phones. Imagine doing different tasks using a wrist watch which can store all the information that you want. Some watch phones also come with a gold or platinum matt finish for people who love the bling. Also, the battery lives that watch phones come with is amazingly convenient given its small screen.

Here is an interesting fact. Smart watches and their concept isn’t new. The first smart watch were developed in the year 1972. It’s only now though that the sale of this new techie wonder has seen a rise.

Why is it becoming so popular?

First of all comes the usefulness quotient. You just need to strap it onto your wrist and forget about it. An onlooker will only be surprised and appreciate the gadget that’s elegantly placed on your wrist. Consumer device analyst Avi Green from research firm Current Analysis suggested that there will be the “boom of the watch phone” from 2013. The reason according to him is simple. The components that needs to be used can be packed into a tiny watch easily with the current technology. Today, many consumers own watch phones that are cheap as well. noise colorfit pulse It’s estimated that the industry of smart watches may evolve into a business worth US $6 billion. Well, it seems that there is clearly something that is going to change on your wrist soon!

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